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The continent of Adon was once the western landmass of the mega-continent Mera. It cut off from Mera during a great cataclysm called The Sundering. The Sundering was physically separated Adon from Mera by a great expanse of water called the Novon Sea and metaphysically by a supernatural void known as The Pall.

And for nearly 5,000 years Adon has remained a mystery to the nations of Mera — despite their best efforts to explore and recolonize. Each expedition has failed, whether swallowed by the storms of the Novon Sea or doomed by whatever dangers awaited those who survived the voyage.

Until now.

In 1303 KR, High King Maric Du’Caat of the Kessian Empire formed the XIII Kessian Expeditionary Company to attempt to cross the Novon Sea and establish a colony on the eastern shores of Adon. And with the favor of the Gods, they succeeded. Establishing the port of Mistaven, and reconnecting, at least physically, Adon and Mera.

But while Mistaven has provided a sanctuary for the Vanguard of Kessian explorers who seek to uncover Adon’s treasures — the lost continent, and her native inhabitants, won’t give up their secrets easily.

Main Page

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