Founded in 1303 KR, by Lord Sigur Varos, Mistaven is a bustling port that traffics in rare goods, artifacts, treasures, explorers and colonists. It is a boomtown that while mildly anarchic, due to the vagrant nature of its denizens, offers relative safety from the unknown dangers of the Adon frontier.

While nominally a colony of the Kessian Empire, Mistaven is essentially autonomous, with Lord Varos and the Council of Captains governing the city, regulating trade and organizing official expeditions into the wilderness.

Security is provided by a pair of military organizations: The XIII and The Mistaven Marines. Each has separate duties and, seemingly, loyalties.

Mistaven is divided into three boroughs: Harborton, The Citadel, and The Skirt.

Mistaven’s sphere of influence extends 10 Imperial Miles from the boundaries of The Skirt. Here daring colonists have established farms which provide much of the foodstuff and raw materials needed for the community. These estates are relatively protected from incursion from the local fauna and native inhabitants of Adon, but are much more dangerous than within the walls of the city.

In addition to it’s role as a port, Mistaven serves as the staging area for The Vanguard. This paramilitary organization’s fortified headquarters, Spearpoint, is located at the easternmost gatehouse of The Skirt, and is a hub for Explorers, Missionaries, Researchers and Mercenaries.


Nearly 20,000 colonists call Mistaven home, with another 5,000 living in the surrounding agricultural hamlets and estates. The vast majority (70%) of Misters, as they are colloquially know, are Humans, primarily of sturdy Kessian stock — though a few Geds, Mitans, and Palars have also made the journey to start a new life on Adon. The largest minority (20%) in Mistaven are Gnolls of the Mesa Tribes who served as auxiliaries in the XIII Kessian Expeditionary Company. While the remainder of the population is made up of a smattering of Galmin, Drakons, Faeborne, and local, enigmatic Valosians.

Only Kessians and Gnolls are allowed to live within The Citadel, while all races may live in The Skirt or Harborton.


Mistaven thrives on trade. With the port in Harborton being its main economic hub. Merchants import much of the comforts of Kess for sale to the Colonists, while exporting artifacts and exotic Adoni raw materials.

In addition to trade, Mistaven has a strong internal economy based around lumber and agriculture, and has become self-sufficient in terms of feeding itself based on local agrarian practices.


Mistaven is home to as many Gods are it is cultures. Most humans worship the Celestial Court and it technically is the official state religion of Mistaven. The Gnolls worship the Wolfmother and practice ancestor veneration. While Drakon’s worship the First Wrym. Galmin are believers in the Forge of Creation, while the Faeborne do not believe in a God at all. The strangest of all religion is that of the Valosians, who worship Valos the First-Born, which many Kessian philosophers equate with their own creator God, Aon.

Lord Varos is accommodating of non-Kessian religions, so long as their practices do not violate any of the Celestial Laws and has set aside a swath of land in The Skirt for these faiths to build their churches, temples and chapels.

Outside of these recognized religions are those who practice more primitive and worship fell beings. Most notably is the worship of The Blood God, a demonic entity that demands ritual sacrifice in exchange for his “blessings.”


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